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How energy healing works for animals.

When exposed to sound and vibrations, their body relaxes, then the muscles relax and the body releases endorphins. When the muscles relax there is increased space between the cells, and circulation is increased so that the nutrients of the body are better absorbed . Enzymes build for proper digestion and hormones are regulated. Toxins are also released and that promotes healthy cell growth which promotes regulation of the immune system, helping the body to self heal.

Animals are extremely sound sensitive and can hear more layers of sound and a greater span of frequencies than humans . Because animals live in the present ,and are not bogged down with endless monkey mind stories as humans are they can react instantly to sound.

Many case studies by both sound therapists and pet owners a test to the positive calming effects of sound treatments on their animals . They have reported that sound treatments seem to reduce stress and pain, and create vitality and spontaneous healing .