Hello my name is Michele and welcome to my website.I am a fully qualified and insured gong, sound and voice therapist, and trained with the Collage of Sound .I have also trained in Reiki, and I am attuned to level three.
I give one to one sessions and also group sound baths .
Sound can help put our body back into harmony, it can help reduce pain,stress depression and assist sleep without the use of invasive drugs.
What is sound Therapy .
If we accept that every thing in the universe has energy which has a vibration from the tallest mountain to a speck of dust, then we must accept that all our oragans ,cells, blood ,bones and water in our body are vibrating at different frequency, for instant the heart vibrates at (PRF) prime resonate frequency of 100 HZ the frequency of a whole person is 7-- 10 HZ the frequency at which we normally vibrate is called resonance. Certain sounds will therefore resonate with different organs and parts of our body.Sound healing has been scientifically proven to have an effect on our autonomic immune and endocrine systems as well as the neuropeptide transmitters in our brain.So when an organ or cells are not in balance or not vibrating in resonance we can become dis--ease so as sound therapists we are putting back the correct frequency so that the body can work at its optimum level in harmony or in resonance and become well again.
How does sound healing work .
Sound healing has been around for thousands of years by the Aborigines with the digeridoo,by the Tibetan monks chanting and using Tibetan bowls, bells and gongs and many more cultures using an array of different instuments such as drums and crystal bowls . But our voice is also very powerful as it has its own unique frequency.Pythagorean was a Greek philospher and mathematician who lived around 580BC he taught musical instruments especially to tune the soul. Today, tuning forks are the modern Lyre which are always in tune .Tuning forks go beyond the traditonal Greek Lyre  with the ability to create individual sonic spaces and precise overtones which are extremely beneficial for healing . So this is where the traditonal blends with the best of modern science to help with a wide range of health issues without the use of invasive drugs that can be harmful to our system.
When we are doing any sound therapy whether using our voice , gongs bowls or any other instrument we should always have a clear positive intention as sound plus intention equals healing. Without our intention for the highest good our healing or therapy
would be minimal.
A session is about an hour long were you lie on a couch fully clothed, close your eyes, relax, and let the healing sounds wash over you.

1-2 -1 Sessions time and date to suit 20.00 one hour
Group sessions an be as smaii as 2 10.00 eah one hour  time and date to suit .